Lucas Valley Estates Homeowners' Association

Welcome to the Lucas Valley Estates Homeowners Association

Devoted to keeping the Lucas Valley Estates neighborhood a wonderful place to live.

 Established in 1991, the LVEHOA is an Association of and for all Lucas Valley Estates Homeowners.

The LVEHOA serves our community by keeping members and residents informed of all important neighborhood news and by representing the best interests of the community.

Please contact us at: if you would like to sign up for the Estates Edition Newsletters, get involved, or if you have questions regarding any current issues.


The "Scenic Road Designation"

of Lucas Valley Road

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Lawsuit filed on County Housing Element


Upcoming Events

New Draft County Housing Element Update 2015-2022

County Final Adoption expected before January 31, 2015.

Marin Civic Center Room, 328

3505 Civic Center Drive, 94903


New Report By CSPP (Citizens for Sustainable Pension Plans) on Pension liabilities of Marin County's Special Districts- including Marinwood CSD:

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